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Dr. Familua is certified in the most sophisticated robotic and minimally invasive techniques, including the Robotic Da Vinci Surgical System which allows surgeons to use multiple instruments through one small incision.

It’s difficult when someone finds out they have cancer and that it requires surgical treatment. It’s a time when you want the best possible treatment and compassionate care by the best medical team available.

Approximately 600,000 hernia repair operations are performed annually in the United States. Many are performed by the conventional “Open” method. Repairs are performed using a small telescope known as a laparoscope.

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Estoy muy contenta con mi doctor. Es un amor. Estoy muy contenta con el cuidado que me dio con mi operacion y todo el cuidado despues. Estoy bien feliz con las muchachas en la oficina y las quiero mucho por que han sido muy lindas siempre. Que dios lo bendiga siempre y yo siempre lo voy a apreciar mucho

Josefina Zabala

El Dr. Familua es muy buen doctor y un hombre muy responsable. Aun despues de la cirugia se preocupo mucho por mi bien estar. Yo lo recomendaria a cualquiera.

Irvin Pacheo

You are a wonderful surgeon and a very compassionate man. Thank you for taking such good care of our mother

Annelle Fletcher

Dr. Familua gave my husband excellent care. I trusted his opinion and we had only opinions to rely on in some instances. He was always very attentive to our needs and I really liked that he did not keep us longer than necessary. I was amazed that he personally accepted our emergency phone calls at night as well. It meant a lot to us that he was a Godly man. He waited and did not just start cutting like many others may have done. He explained everything in layman's terms and for that we were also very grateful. He was an all around blessing to us.

Mary Beasley

I feel that God placed Dr. Familua in my life. It was such a blessing to have him as my surgeon. I was in so much pain,then it was as if Dr. Familua just came out of the sky for me.

Ellison Beasley

Our entire family feels that he is an awesome doctor. He is very compassionate. He never scared my mother nor us. He is very knowledgeable. I was very surprised that he is the only doctor that we have known that answers his own calls at night. What can I say… our entire family loves him

Esther Orona
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